Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Zain United Arabia Est.

  • Maintain a quality environment through the continual improvement of its processes and the supplied products and services.
  • Offer services and products, which respect quality requirements, abide to the laws and to the contracting obligations that the company has undertaken and finally enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Accurately determine, maintain and continually develop an effective Quality Management System
  • Establish objectives, deploy them within the organization, review them at planned intervals and proceed with corrective actions as appropriate.
  • Certify that all its personnel are well trained to know, maintain, and develop the company’s policies and goals for Quality and contribute to the achievement of its objectives.
  • Provide a suitable work environment for the continuous improvement of its human resources.

Safety Policy


Zain United Arabia Est Safety Program is dedicated to an injury free workplace.  This is accomplished by taking a proactive approach to ensure a safe work environment. We continually review and audit our program so that it stays current with new practices in an ever evolving industry.  Zain United Arabia Est stresses communication in the field between management and trades so that all hazards are identified and dealt with before work begins and continually as work progresses. Zain United Arabia Est has a zero tolerance for unsafe work activities on all of our projects and works diligently to maintain a safe work environment for everyone


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