Zain United Arabian Est. [ZUA] has been established around principles of quality services and value of money it would become one of the global leader in industrial and commercial solutions. Quality and Price competitiveness are key elements with more sustainable methods and materials. Zain United Arabian Est. [ZUA] will also provide Industrial personnel with opportunities for personnel and professional growth in an environment of trust, integrity, equality and mutual respect. Zain United Arabian Est. will support changing needs through continues improvement innovation and technological growth.

  • Support activities provide a portion of the support needed to fulfill Industrial operational requirements and contingencies to remain responsive to the client, Industrial Support activities will continually focus on the mission when developing and executing business practices.
  • To provide cost effective, globally effective project management, facilities management service in petrochemical plants with an uncompromising commitment to safety development and environment.
  • Industrial support activities provide quality intermediate and industrial service that are versatile, timely, environmentally effect and respective to all industrial and commercial clients.
  • Zain United Arabian Est. accomplish our mission by maintaining in home, an industrial capability of engineering expertise, skilled tradesmen, equipment and facilities that¬† are respective to logistic support and mobilization plans.
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Determination
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence


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